Prospektor (EN)

Arnold and Eefje write freelance for various newspapers and magazines. Our articles have been published in Dutch Vrij Nederland, de Groene Amsterdammer, NRC Handelsblad, De Volkskrant, Onze Wereld, SOS international, Belgian Knack, Spanish Ojodepez and Italian La Republica.

Prospektor also works on commission. Prospektor distinguisheis itself by its broad interest, solid knowledge and research qualities. Our goal is to make each assignment – film or text – into a great story. We do so with a quality network of experienced editors, professional camera and sound technicians, editors, photographers, animators and graphic designers. We make complex issues comprehensible to a wide audience. Our specialty is to combine word and image and mix traditional print media, film and Internet.


The documentary Amsterdam-Kosovo (2004) was the official beginning of Prospektor. Arnold, Roos Boer and Tomas Kaan were volunteers at the NGO 'Mara Foundation', an organization that organized medicine transports to the former Yugoslavia. When NGO War Child donated a mediagenic old ambulance to the Mara Foundation to bring to a hospital in Kosovo it was clear right away: we should make a movie about our journey. Along with Tomas and Roos, Arnold and Eefje wrote a scenario, approached the Dutch broadcaster IKON and received the benefit of the doubt. On a no win no fee basis (if we would come back with bad material, the IKON would do nothing with it) we went south.


Many inspirational and confrontational encounters further, we returned two weeks later with 32 tapes of material in a smelly car to the Netherlands. We convinced the IKON of the quality of our material and for two weeks disappeared in the editroom. Two months after the idea was born, Amsterdam-Kosovo was broadcasted. And Prospektor was founded, because after this experience it was clear: storytelling, that was going to be our profession.