In the past few years Prospektor has published several books and co-written several (photo) books. During our study (History), together with fellow students we made the book War Diaries about the Holocaust. In 2007 Eefje's book about Iran 'Stiekem kan hier alles' (In secret everything is possible here) was published. The book was nominated for the VPRO Bob den Uylprijs and MJ Brusse Prize 2008. In addition, we wrote the texts for books such as 'The Last Days of Shishmaref' by photographer Dana Lixenberg, 'So Blue, So Blue' by photographer Ad van Denderen and '101 Billionaires' by photographer Rob Hornstra. Summer 2009 the travel guide 'Te Gast in Iran' (Guest in Iran), which Eefje compiled. End of 2009 Sanatorium appeared, the first annual publication of The Sochi Project. The book won the NY PhotoBook Award at New York Photo Festival in 2010. Then followed the books 'On the other side of the mountains' and 'Empty Land, Promised Land, Forbidden Land'. February 2011, the book 'The Refugee Jackpot' was published and in June 2011 'Dream City' appeared.